The first three generations of Louis Pinard

First marriage

Louis Pinard weds Marie-Madeleine Hertel on October 29th 1658


1- Marie-Francoise Pinard weds Martin Giguère / Despins on May 7th 1682


  1. Françoise Giguère/Despins and Alexis Niquette on January 9th 1701 (first marriage)

  2. Françoise Giguère/Despins and Gilles Badaillac on February 24th 1705 (second marriage)

  3. Madeleine Giguère/Despins and Pierre Bergeron on April 28th 1716

  4. Louis Giguère/Despins and Élisabeth Deguire/Desrosiers on February 8th 1717

  5. Marie-Catherine Giguère/Despins and Charles Lemaître/Auger on May 7th 1719

  6. Antoine Giguère/Despins and Françoise Jutras/Desrosiers on July 22th 1726


2- Claude Pinard weds Françoise Gamelin on October 10th 1694


  1. Michel Pinard and Marie-Angélique Ritchot on October 18th 1723

  2. Marie-Louise Pinard and Jean-Baptiste Mongeau on April 7th 1717

  3. Marie-Madeleine Pinard

  4. Marie-Charlotte Josephte Pinard and Pierre Chapdelaine/Larivière on July 1st 1723

  5. Inconnue Pinard

  6. Marie-Claude Pinard

  7. Marie-Agathe Pinard and François Niquet on January 28th 1726

  8. François-Joseph Pinard


3- Louis Pinard Lauzière weds Madeleine Renoux/Lachapelle on November 24th 1698


  1. Marie-Jeanne Pinard and Jean-Baptiste Jutras/Desrosiers on February 12th 1725

  2. Agathe Pinard

  3. Madeleine Pinard/Lauzière and Louis Véronneau on March 5th 1736

  4. Joseph-Antoine Pinard/Lauzière

  5. Jean-Baptiste Louis Pinard/Lauzière and Thérèse Véronneau on February 21th 1746

  6. Agathe Pinard/Lauzière and Jean-Baptiste Buisson on January 7th 1734

  7. Joseph Lauzière/Gaucher and Marie-Élisabeth Pinard on February 10th 1755 (first marriage)

  8. Joseph Lauzière/Gaucher and Angélique Crevier/St-François on May 16th 1758 (second marriage)

  9. Joseph Lauzière/Gaucher and Marie Provencher on July 31st 1780 (third marriage)

  10. François-Régis Lauzière and Thérèse Cartier on November 15th 1751 (first marriage)

  11. François-Régis Lauzière and Jeanne Joyelle (Joyal) on May 15th 1767 (second marriage)

  12. Marguerite Lauzière

  13. Marie-Anne Pinard/Lauzière and Joseph Lemaître on November 4th 1745 (first marriage)

  14. Marie-Anne Pinard/Lauzière and Pierre Duguay on November 27th 1752 (second marriage)

  15. Pierre-Michel Pinard/Lauzière


4- Marguerite Pinard weds François Reiche on February 18th 1692


  1. Françoise-Marguerite Reiche and Jean Leduc on January 26th 1717

  2. Pierre-Joseph Reiche, prêtre

  3. Marie-Louise Reiche and Joseph-Jean Picard on April 18th 1723

  4. François-Louis Reiche

  5. François Reiche, récollet

  6. Marie-Jeanne Reiche

  7. Claude Reiche

  8. Marie-Jeanne Reiche and Pierre-Simon Channazars on September 28th 1728

  9. Jean-François Reiche


5- Angélique Pinard weds Jean Niquette/Monty on (before December 31st 1697) (first marriage)


  1. Pierre Niquette/Monty

  2. Angélique Niquette/Monty and Pierre Belet (Blette) on February 3rd 1726 (first marriage)

  3. Angélique Niquette/Monty and Nicolas Baillargon on November 21st 1729 (second marriage)


5- Angélique Pinard weds André Bonin/Delisle on October 26th 1705 (second marriage)


  1. Marie-Antoinette Bonin/Delisle and Ange Aussant on February 5th 1731

  2. Marie-Anne Bonin/Delisle and Louis Chapdelaine on May 2nd 1729

  3. Augustin Bonin/Delisle

  4. André Bonin/Delisle


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