The first three generations of Louis Pinard

Second marriage

Louis Pinard weds Marie-Ursule Pépin on November 30th 1680


1- Antoine Pinard weds Marie Jutras/Desrosiers on January 10th 1708


  1. Marie-Catherine Pinard and Jean-Baptiste Lemire on August 26th 1731

  2. Marie-Françoise Pinard and Louis Manseau on September 30th 1731

  3. Marie-Louise Pinard and François Didier on November 4th 1743 (first marriage)

  4. Marie-Louise Pinard and Jean Baptiste Pépin on February 8th 1756 (second marriage)

  5. Jean-Baptiste Pinard and Marie-Antoine Proulx on September 27th 1747

  6. Marie-Anne Pinard

  7. Marie-Jeanne Pinard and Pierre Lemire on January 16th 1747

  8. Marie-Madeleine Pinard and Jean-Baptiste Proulx on June 5th 1747

  9. Joseph-Louis Pinard

  10. Marie-Antoinette Pinard and Jean-Baptiste Lupien on January 7th 1750 (first marriage)

  11. Marie-Antoinette Pinard and Jean-Baptiste Robidas on January 24th 1774 (second marriage)

  12. Angélique Pinard


2- Louis Pinard


3- Michel Pinard


4- Guillaume Pinard/Beauchemin weds Marguerite Cler on January 8th 1720


  1. Marie-Josephe Pinard/Beauchemin and Joseph Robidas on November 16th 1744

  2. Guillaume Beauchemin and Marie Josephte Loiseau on October 30th 1747 (first marriage)

  3. Guillaume Beauchemin and Marie Josephte Marcot on May 14th 1753 (second marriage)

  4. Marguerite Beauchemin and Joseph Rouillard on November 17th 1749

  5. Jean-Baptiste Beauchemin/Raîche and Marie-Agathe Lupien on January 15th 1752

  6. Joseph Pinard/Beauchemin/Fleurant and Élisabeth Gauthier on February 6th 1758

  7. Marie-Louise Pinard/Beauchemin and Jean-Baptiste Descôteaux on January 18th 1751

  8. Louis-Hyacinthe Pinard/Beauchemin and Marguerite Lupien on October 3rd 1757


5- Marie-Ursule Pinard weds Michel Jutras on June 14th 1714


  1. Antoinette Jutras and Claude Lacharité on June 3rd 1739

  2. Marie-Josephte Jutras and Charles Provencher on June 30th 1739

  3. Marie-Louise Jutras and Jean-Charles Lacerte/Vacher on February 3rd 1738

  4. Dominique Jutras and Marguerite Malboeuf on April 14th 1749 (first marriage)

  5. Dominique Jutras and Marie-Josephte Trottier/Beaubien on November 23rd 1750 (second marriage)

  6. Joseph Jutras and Marie Josephte Mouet/Moras on January 15th 1748

  7. Marie-Ursule Jutras and Jean-Baptiste Loiseau on January 7th 1749 (first marriage)

  8. Marie-Ursule Jutras and Pierre-Amador Bruneau on June 8th 1765 (second marriage)

  9. Jean-Baptiste Jutras

  10. Michel Jutras and Louise Dumas on January 8th 1758

  11. Marie-Jeanne Jutras

  12. Josephte Jutras and Joseph Désilets on May 7th 1753


6- Jean-Baptiste Pinard weds Agnès Gauthier/St-Germain on September 3rd 1724


  1. Jean-Baptiste Pinard

  2. Joseph Pinard

  3. Marie-Élisabeth Pinard and Jacques Miguet/Latrimouille on August 31st 1761

  4. François Pinard and Madeleine Bonin/Ste-Marie on May 18th 1761

  5. Marie-Agathe Pinard

  6. Antoine Pinard

  7. Marie-Josephe Pinard and Joseph Bonin/Ste-Marie on January 30th 1759


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